Castro Tower

Concept Drawing of the Castro Palace and Castro Tower.

The proposed Castro Tower will consist of a 5-star hotel, luxury residents, cinema and theater,  offices, luxury mall, panoramic restaurant, commercial, retail, leisure space, parking garage, helicopter pad, spa, auditorium and public areas.  The Castro Tower offers a magnificent sea view. 

The Castle of Agia Mavra will be restored.  It will also include a 5-star hotel within the castle walls.  The hotel building will be in keeping with the 13-century architecture. 

The proposed development would mean a significant boost to the Lefkadian economy.

Castro Beach & Santa Maura Mediaeval Fortress

Proposed development of the Castro Beach and The Castle of Agia Mavra.

Castro Beach - Lefkada Island

​Castro beach is at the northernmost point of the island Lefkada, opposite the castle of Agia Mavra and is the extension of Gyra beach.

The Castle of Agia Mavra (also known as Santa Maura) is strategically located beside the Drepanos channel and only 1.2 km from Lefkada town. 

The original building of the Castle of Agia Mavra was constructed in 1300 by the Sicilian Ioannis Orsini with the main aim of protecting the new capital of the island.  The castle’s interior comprised of squares, cisterns, and administrative buildings.  The Frankish knights who conquered the island of Lefkada in 1294 named the Castle Agia Mavra (Sainte Maure).  For a brief period, the whole island of Lefkada was also named Agia Mavra.  In the 16th century, the Venetians took over the island.

In 1487, the island was overtaken by the Ottomans and Sultan Bagiazit ordered the construction of an aqueduct and a bridge connecting the town of Lefkada with the castle.  This arcade-shaped bridge had 360 rooms and crossed the lagoon from the coast to Kalkani.  This project was destroyed by earthquakes.  In 1716, after the Ottomans had failed to conquer Corfu, the Venetians managed to return to Agia Mavra.

Castro Palace