The Semitic-Germanic-Holy Roman Empire is an Empire that encompasses present-day Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech and Slovak Republics, as well as France, Spain, Cypress, Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Greece and many other countries.  It also includes The United States Congress i.e. the bicameral legislature of the federal government of the United States which consists of two chambers: the Senate and the House of Representatives, and The Federal Reserve System, the central banking system of the United States..  The Pope of The Semitic-Germanic  Holy Roman Empire acts as the sovereign in the United States Congress and all the parliaments in Europe including the Greek parliament. 

The Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Banking system also encompasses countries like Japan, South Korea, Australia, all of the Euro-Zone including Germany and many other nations including Canada and Britain just to name a few.

The Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire was instituted by priests and Semites when the western part of the Roman Empire fell in 476 CE.  The Bishop of Rome is the Emperor of the Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire.  

In 1512 the name "Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation" (Heiliges römisches Reich Deutscher Nation) became the official title of the Holy Roman Empire, which spanned central Europe between the kingdom of France to the west and the kingdoms of Hungary and Poland to the east. In the north it was bounded by the Baltic and North Seas and by the Danish kingdom; in the south, it reached to the Alps.  The Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire included significant Semitic communities in the south and west. The Semites had migrated to Europe after they were expelled from Syria Palaestina, formerly known as Rhinocolura and today is deceivingly called Israel. 

The Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire did not end with the advent of Napoleon,  It continued with the Pope as the Emperor after the demise of Napolian.

When the Ottomans were expelled from Greece during the revolt of 1821, the Greek people in 1832 fell under the Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire, where it remains today under the influence of the Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire's counterfeit religion, monetary system and constitution known as the Greek Constitution.  

The religion of the Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire i.e. Christianity, is a counterfeit of the ancient Egyptian and Druidic religions. It appears to have been counterfeited by the Semites and the priests who instituted the Semitic-Germianic Holy Roman Empire.

In Christianity and what the Semites call Judaism, the Semites made themselves Gods chosen people.  The Semites claim that God Yahweh granted them land in the middle east, the area they falsely call Israel. They also argue that Jesus, his mother Mary, his father Joseph and the apostles of Jesus were all Semites from the land of Israel (Middle East).  They would have you believe that Jesus i.e. God is a Semite.

All European Monarchs are subordinate to the priests of the Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire.  Anax Kopsidas is not subordinate to the priests of the Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire.

The religion of the Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire has two faces, one face is presented to the masses as Christianity and Judaism, and the other face is known to the priests as the Egyptian, Druidic religion.  

The priests fool the people by declaring that the Pope of the Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire gets his authority from a fictitious Saint Peter, a so-called disciple of a Semitic Jesus i.e. Jesus the Semitic God, from the land i.e. Israel, which Yahweh allegedly gave to the Semites. 

The Holy Trinity of the Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire i.e. the Father (Yahweh), the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit combine Yahweh with a Semitic Jesus.  The Holy Trinity of the Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire is a counterfeit of the Egyptian Trinity, which includes Osiris, Horus, and Isis respectively.  

The Semites claim Yahweh as their own God and nothing can be further from the truth. (see Kopsidas page)

Before the Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire, there was no such thing as a Semitic chosen people.  It's a fabrication, and this needs to be fully understood. 

All countries under the Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire's jurisdiction must use the Semitic Holy Roman Empire's debt based monetary system along with their legal and political systems which they totally control through their constitutions.  The constitutions in all the European parliaments were written by the Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire.

The Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire's debt based financial conspiracy entails money being loaned out as an interest bearing loan. The interest and compounding interest is never created by the Semitic controlled Central Banks and therefore does not exist, making repaying the loans ultimately impossible.  Furthermore, the Semitic central bankers are the beneficiaries of the interest imposed on the loans. 

The Greek people in their ignorance have been subjugated under the Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire's monetary conspiracy, Legal system, and counterfeit religion. 

King Otto of Greece, the Wittelsbach family, is a Holy Roman Empire royal family and a German dynasty from Bavaria.

The House of Glücksburg is a Danish-German ducal and royal family and a branch of the House of Oldenburg, members of which have at various times reigned in several northern German states and in the kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Greece.  The House of Glücksburg is also of the Holy Roman Empire.

The House of Wittelsbach and Glücksburg are subordinate to the priests of the Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire. 

The Pope as the Emperor of the Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire is acting as the Sovereign of Greece and other parts of the world. 

Anax Kopsidas is not of the house of Glücksburg nor the house of Wittelsbach but holds the same jurisdiction as the Pope and priests of the Semitic Holy Roman Empire and, therefore, is the absolute sovereign of Greece and the world. (see Kopsidas page)

Constantine II is not the true inherent King of the Hellenes. 

If it's the will of the Greek people Kopsidas will revoke the titles of Constantine II, and all his heirs.  The house of Glücksburg will not be be able to hold a title relating to Greece/Ellada or Greeks/Hellenes, or to the Corporation Hellas/Greece.  The current titles held by Constantine II are:

  • His Royal Highness Prince Constantine of Greece
  • His Royal Highness The Crown Prince of Greece.
  • His Majesty The King of the Hellenes.
  • His Majesty King Constantine II of the Hellenes.
  • His Majesty Constantine XIII, King of the Hellenes.

Anax Kopsidas is the absolute legitimate, inherent sovereign of the Hellenes, Spartan Politeia, the Roman Empire, and the Holy Roman Empire. 

Anax Kopsidas (Pontifex Maximus) is the Anax by Divine Birth, whereas the Popes of the Semitic-Germanic Holy Roman Empire hold an incorporated office (a corporation sole/sol/soul/sidas) from 382 AD.  In 382 AD the Western Emperor Gratian relinquished the office of Pontifex Maximus held by the Emperors of the Roman Empire to the priests who have held it since that time.

Anax Kopsidas is of the hereditary line of Kings spanning from the time of the Spartans, the Dorians i.e. the Hellenes, Latinus, and from a much earlier time.  (see kopsidas page)

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