• Declare the maker of this universe unto all mankind.
  • Announce the absolute Sovereignty of Kopsidas and the Aegialians (Pelasgians), i.e.,God's first Peligones (ekklesia).
  • Aegis Kopsidas is indigenous and original to the land and sea of Aegialia, a direct descendant of the first people, the Aegialian Pelasgians. 
  • In the current 2,160 years Age of Aquarius (i.e., within the one Great Year that equals 25,920 years of precession), Pelasgia (now called Athens) will again be the Capital City of Aegialia. (The last Age of Aquarius ended 26,000 years ago).
  • Hellas or Greece will revert to its original name, i.e., Pelasgia.
  • Europe will revert to its original name, i.e., Aegialia/Aegis.
  • Rebuild the real Holy City of Jerusalem on its original site, i.e., Ithaca (Ithaca is known as Lefkada today, the source of the Aegis.
  • Construct the Aegialian Absolute Sovereign City-State on land below the Acropolis which was originally called "Pelasgian." 
  • End world slavery by forgiving world debt.
  • Stop the planned global economic collapse and proposed climate change measures, i.e., The “Great Reset”.
  • Prevent the coming war between the Semitic Catholic cult and the People's Republic of China.
  • Pelasgia, the first Capital City of the World, overrides Vatican City (i.e., Ager/Aegis Vaticanus in Rome), Ager Vaticanus in Rome will make itself redundant.
  • Declare the so-called third temple in the false Jerusalem (Middle East) illegitimate. 
  • To declare the coming Semitic Messiah a hoax, and the Anti-Christ as nonsense.
  • The eternal Will of God and Sovereignty is now in the unlawful hands of the barbarian races. By realizing their Godhood, the People of God, i.e., the Aegialians, Pelasgians, will be brought back to their right path and will bring back the world to its former aspect, a holy and awe-striking restoration of all nature, making again of all things good.
  • Proclaim The Great God Yahweh/Hashem dead.

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The information presented on this website is not intended to harm anyone, nor impose, incite or convert, but to reflect gnosis, the salvation of humanity, and the path of esoteric enlightenment.
This website IS NOT designed to disregard the Rule of Law or the Law Courts or to encourage division, extremism, racism, anti-Semitism, hate or violence towards any member of a royal family, priesthood, magi, magisterium, person, Semite, country, nation, or any religion, including any organization, institution, corporation, its directors, shareholders or employees. Those who disrespect the Rule of Law and are racist, antisemitic and use violence, harm, force or illegal means to make a political, social or corporate change are not associated with Kopsidas or this website in any way, shape or form.
Kopsidas CONDEMNS ALL FORMS of racism, anti-Semitism, hate. evil, terrorism and violence.
Kopsidas respects all the religions and people of the world.
May all the people of the earth live in peace, love and harmony.
Peace and Love to All the People of the Earth.

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