• Declare the maker of this universe unto all mankind.
  • Restore Absolute Sovereignty to the Cranai (Athenians), Arcadians, Achaeans, Ithacans (Lefkadians), and Cynurians, i.e, the first ekklesia.
  • The eternal Will of God and Sovereignty is now in the unlawful hands of the barbarian races. By realizing their Godhood, the People of God, i.e., the Cranai (Athenians), Arcadians, Achaeans, Ithacans (Lefkadians), and Cynurians, will be brought back to their right path, and will bring back  the world to its former aspect, a holy and awe-striking restoration of all nature, making again of all things good.
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People who use violence, force or illegal means to achieve political or social change are not associated with Kopsidas or this website in any way shape or form. 
Kopsidas condemns all forms of hate. evil and violence.
Peace and Love to all the people in the world.
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Values that are supported by:

  • Liberty
  • Justice
  • Honor
  • Rule of law